Online image compressor to 20KB width and height.

60% Compression

Image Compression to 20KB

  1. Easily compress images to a size of 20KB using our online image compressor.
  2. Adjust the width and height of your images as needed.
  3. Start by clicking "Upload Image" to begin the process.
  4. Your PNG images will be converted to JPG format automatically.
  5. Download your compressed JPG image for free using the provided download link.

Free PNG to JPG Conversion

  1. Convert any PNG image to JPG format without any charges.
  2. Initiate the conversion process by uploading your PNG image.
  3. After uploading, your PNG image will be converted to JPG automatically.
  4. Receive a download link to get your converted JPG image at no cost.
  5. Download your converted JPG image by clicking on "Download Image in JPG".

Compressing images to 20KB online is simple and uncomplicated. Our tool enables you to compress all your images to 20KB at no cost. Adjust the image dimensions as necessary before downloading. Easily compress images to 20KB and retrieve them in either image or zip formats. Utilize our top-rated online image compressor for efficient reduction of image sizes.