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Our specialized professionals, with expertise in Structural, Architectural, Construction Engineering, MEP Engineering, Project Management, AOR, Interior Design, and Villa Design enable us to deliver one-stop solutions addressing innovative solutions for the engineering and construction industry in UAE. As regards the architects and engineers with their extensiveness and aptitude to the fields covered, the AL Shaghaf is one of the best Engineering Consultants in UAE.


Al Shaghaf

Coordinating, monitoring, and reviewing the work of the consultant team (and others, such as specialist designers and specialist contractors).

What I Do



Structural Design

From the day of its inception, structural engineering has seen many revolutionary changes and has created many astounding structures that are a benchmark of science’s achievements. Relying on a detailed knowledge of applied mechanics, applied mathematics and materials science structural engineering works on the knowledge of techniques of structural analysis, with the theoretical design codes and some idea of corrosion resistance.



Architecture Design

Making an architectural delight to brag on from being a place that had nothing more to see than the extending hot scorching deserts to being a place that has seen some of the most astounding architectural developments in the history of men, Dubai has seen a fascinating era of changes in architecture. Be a part of this architectural engineering revolution with DAT.



Construction Consultant

Embracing the modern trends along with keeping in mind the customs and techniques taught by the past, DAT Engineering Consultancy, a construction consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah provides a one-stop solution for anyone who wants their space an epitome of success in construction engineering.

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